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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Projects_State and Local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Surveillance of Blood Lead Levels in Children

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Program accomplishments...

In fiscal year 2002, 61 grantees representing 44 States, the District of Columbia and 17 city or county health departments received funding to conduct childhood lead poisoning prevention programs. CDC program staff provided technical assistance to State and local health officials and others interested in childhood lead poisoning prevention. In fiscal year 2001, emphasis was placed on carrying out lead poisoning prevention activities related to implementing statewide screening plans, emphasizing screening Medicaid-eligible children, implementing Medicaid data matching, and establishing childhood blood lead surveillance systems with the capability to report data to CDC. These programs will also utilize funds to facilitate referral of children identified with elevated blood lead levels for medical and environmental intervention, and provide education for parents and health professionals. All 61 funded programs were awarded for fiscal year 2002 to continue lead poisoning prevention activities. In fiscal year 2003, it is anticipated that 42 programs will be funded representing 36 States, the District of Columbia and 5 city or county health departments. Additional performance criteria, including an emphasis toward primary prevention interventions, will be the focus of the program in fiscal year 2003. In FY 04 it is anticipated that all funded programs will continue lead poisoning prevention activities.